2007 & 2008

Think, L.L.C. is founded by Shea Allen (CEO)
and Bill Chandler (CFO). Ideas captivate audiences while plans are set in motion to brand Think as Destin’s ideal creativity group.


Think’s premier project, The Menu Mag, debuted in February. Although the first issue had only 17 menus and 10,000 copies, it made a huge impression in Destin. Despite the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon spill, The Menu Mag prevailed.


Due to the rapid success of The Menu Mag Destin, expansion was the next logical step. In 2011, Think launched the premier Summer issue in Panama City Beach showcasing 16 menus and 50,000 copies.

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Inspired by the countless compliments about the design and quality of The Menu Mag, Think branched out and began to offer all print products. From business cards to yard signs, Think was able to handle it all! At the same time, promotional products became another specialty of this growing company. www.ThinkLovesToPrint.com

Early 2013

Conquer Destin Magazine, a project that had been in the works for over a year, debuted in March 2013. A sister to The Menu Mag, Conquer Destin continues to prove Thinks creative abilities.

Mid 2013

Think moves into a new office in Destin! The expansion allows the team to service their clients with a more professional, creative atmosphere.

Late 2013

Think debuts yet another monumental product: a mailer edition of TheMenuMag to target locals will be sent out in November. 2013 proves to be a great year for Destin’s creative group.