Even though I’m only 25, I can say that I’ve been a graphic designer for over 10 years now. Almost all of my creativity is derived from listening to different genres of music depending on the project. From Smooth Jazz to Hardcore, I can dig just about anything! As of writing this article, Avicii is my current Pandora station. Mornings are a little easier going, so I try to start off with something a little lighter like Foster the People. As the afternoon continues, I begin to grasp for any extra energy I can find to finish the day and electronic seems to be the driving factor to get through the final 4 hours.

The genre of music will always affect the outcome of each project. Some projects like Noonie’s Thai Café menu was narrated by Breakbot & Madeon. The design stayed simple in terms of layout yet the dirtiness of the background and supporting elements added a little complexity to the overall product.

Noonie's Thai Cafe Menu

Other projects, like Poppy’s Time-Out Sports Bar Menu required some heavier listening. Four Year Strong tricked me into following the menu down a dark alley by doing the grungy chalkboard layout. With some help on the illustrations, the overall menu concept only took a few hours to develop once the theme was set.

Poppy's Time Out Menu

A much older project, one not to be found in the Think portfolio, was a website design for a church back in 2008. I believe Spyro Gyra and The Rippingtons made the First Presbyterian Church of Destin website come alive. The design stayed clean and light – perfect for a church project.

Across the room, Steve Weid is designing a logo for a band and jamming out to The Refused. Although his style and mine differ greatly, music still affects the outcome of his projects as much as they do my own. If I had to pass any advice on to another designer it would be to choose your music wisely! If you don’t know where you’re going on a project, change up your genre and see where you continue. Good luck and happy designing!


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