whitney expo

Hello there friends of Think!  I’m Whitney, Think’s newest team member.  This past month has been crazy to say the least, but crazy as in the best-month-of-my-life type crazy.

As a new Account Executive, my role here at Think is two-fold, which has kept me totally busy during my first month on the job.  Currently, I am representing The Menu Mag and Conquer Magazine.  I get to go around to the best restaurants, attractions, and nightlife spots that Destin has to offer…tough job, I know!

My other role at Think puts my background in Internet Marketing to use.  I’m a true believer in the power of search engine marketing, AdWords, and social media.  From optimization to hashtags, I can talk nerdy with the best of ‘em!

cupsIn addition to my new two professional roles, I’m enjoying another new title as wife, and a new last name, Bengson.  My colleagues deserve their own toast for dealing with my bridal panic and last minute emergencies that came up in the weeks before March 16th.  This awesome team designed and ordered my customized favor cups, which everyone LOVED (Thank you Steve!)…as well as handled some truly last-minute invitations for me (Thank you Stevie!)  Starting a new job and getting married was a tad-bit stressful, but I was constantly reminded why I signed on to join such an awesome and supportive team.

That being said, Whitney Bengson is looking forward to working with all the clients here at Think, and excited to meet new people and hopefully make some friends along the way![signoff][/signoff]