Anyone managing another human being needs to remember that brains aren’t inexhaustible; like any piece of sophisticated equipment, they’re delicate and can break.

Stop Working & Relax (Inc. Article)

As a small business, we find ourselves sometimes overwhelmed with our positions. We have to change on the fly, meeting the demands of our growing office. Sometimes we’re asked to do things outside of our job descriptions (what job descriptions!?) and flexibility is a must. Let’s face it, we spend more time with our work-families than we do our real families. At Think, we want to make sure that by the end of the day/week, each person feels like they’ve met goals for the day and can go home satisfied. My position as Office Manager causes me to occasionally lose sleep while trying to constantly improve our workplace, but that’s another post. We are now “turning in” early on Fridays and using the extra time to review what we accomplished during the week, recharge our creative batteries, and toss around ideas on current projects. Our brains are certainly exhaustible, and we all feel the impact after weeks and weeks of creative demand. This is our way of stepping up our game to do the same for yours.