Hey You! Do you only care about price and value, or do you want more from us? Based on recent research, below are the top 10 things that every customer is looking for.

  1. 1. Bring new perspectives and ideas
  2. 2. Be willing to collaborate
  3. 3. Have confidence in your ability to achieve results
  4. 4. Listen, really listen, to the customer
  5. 5. Understand ALL the customer’s needs
  6. 6. Help the customer avoid potential pitfalls
  7. 7. Craft a compelling solution
  8. 8. Communicate on the purchasing process
  9. 9. Connect personally with the customer
  10. 10. Provide value that’s superior to other options


You can read the rest of the article from Inc. Magazine here and see if you agree. Here at Think we feel like we give our customers an honest, personal experience with every order. We aren’t afraid to voice our opinions for the benefit of improving the final product. And as a small-business ourselves, we’re definitely problem solvers. We genuinely love our jobs and spend a lot of time with our clients, absorbing details before we get to work. We treat each project like it’s our own (it is, after all!) and anticipate the results as much as our clients. We Love To Think! :) [signoff][/signoff]