#Spring #Break #2013

Well, here we are at the end of “Spring Break.” Life in the Advertising Business can be exponentially exciting. Yet, at the same time business seems to go on hold while business is made during “Spring Break.” Make sense? Not really. In our business we work to prepare our clients for their busy season. What I mean by prepare… not plan to prepare, but prepare your plan. Without a plan there is no end in sight. One of the advantages in having an Advertising Agency is to strengthen the business’ army of support with strategic planning.

Example: Client wanted to brand their business to “Spring Breakers.”  Our thoughts…get the prospects before they get there, target their needs, etc. That meant developing not only their brand locally, but also to the seasonal vacationers heading to the area.  We can’t give you too many details without giving away our jobs! The idea of this is exciting. From pre-Spring Break to pre-summer advertising – when will you be ready to grow?

WE LOVE TO THINK and prepare advertising that works toward reaching each client’s goals.