I’ve been working with Think since June 2012 and I must say that I absolutely love my job. We have a great team who enjoys having a good time and making each another laugh. Even though Think started in 2007, the first issue of The Menu Mag wasn’t released until 2010. Only since the beginning of 2012 has Think been offering other print products, promotional products, and graphic design options. Before then it was all about the magazine.

My title is office manager, but anyone working for a start-up can appreciate the many hats that we all wear. I read an article recently that said you’re ready to handle working for a start-up if you can tolerate sleepless nights thinking about business, putting in overtime every week with no end in sight, making mistakes and fixing them, and being your own boss. These are all true, and are also the reasons why our team loves being a Think team. We are insanely dedicated because we know that in a small town like Destin word travels fast if a business is sub-par. We are also dedicated because we are basically in control of our own positions that we take great pride in. As “office manager” I handle: (1) any new/potential clients that walk into our office, (2) placing all print and promotional orders, (3) sending clients estimates and invoices until we have an agreement that everyone is excited about, (4) tracking orders and keeping clients updated, (5) collecting payment, (6) scheduling graphic design time with Shea, Steve, and Umair so things happen on schedule, (7) social media that includes 3 Facebook accounts, Twitter, Pinterest, and arranging for this blog to happen, (8) cleaning and organizing the office every week, (9) playing good music and making people laugh, and (10) any random errands or tasks that must be done.

I’m also sending out monthly email updates that I’ve appropriately titled Think Tank. At the beginning of each month we like to update the world with what we’ve been up to, relevant information about small-business ownership, and a coupon to be used within the month. It would mean the world to us if you would sign up! It’s only one day a month, so it’s not spam! Sign up here :)