Standing awkwardly between art and design, there is illustration.

Art is the wiser, older brother of Illustration. He is often mimicked by his younger brother, but he is simply too unique to be duplicated. He is intense and engaging, interacting with viewers on a personal level. Each interaction happens only once, and from those interactions, countless discussions are to be had.

Illustration strives to be as visually brilliant as his older brother, but is decidedly clearer in his message. While Art can be interpreted in more ways than one, Illustration is simply understood. Art is felt; Illustration is read.

Design is the hip, younger brother of Illustration. He has learned a lot from his older brother, but is determined to carve his own path and be recognized as a separate entity. He is practical and pragmatic, calculated in approach and deliberate in communication. He is often critical of Illustration, but never hesitates to accept his aid.

Illustration is proud of his younger brother and happy to work alongside him, but favors fun and creativity over deliberation. They share many traits, but are exceedingly different in execution. Both have a strong desire to communicate a clear message and can do so in more than one way, but Illustration will be more dramatic in presentation. Design answers; Illustration riddles.

Illustration is the clichéd middle brother between art and design, but is an indispensable member of the family of communication.[signoff][/signoff]